New Moon + Eclipse In Pisces: 12 Simple Rituals for your Zodiac House

NEW MOON IN PISCES: Simple Water Rituals 



Astrological Events At-A-Glance:


  • New Moon at 8◦ Pisces + Eclipse

  • Mars Conjunct Uranus in Aries (22◦)

  • Mars/Uranus (in Aries) opposite Jupiter (in Libra)

  • Saturn (in sagittarius) Trine Mars/Uranus

  • Saturn Sextile Jupiter

On February 18th 2017, our great, nurturing Sun shifted into the mystical sign of Pisces. Now, we’re all gearing up for the spectacular New Moon with an eclipse at 8◦ Pisces on the 26th to usher in the rest of this powerful Piscean energy.

For those of us conjurers who know the value of correlating our rituals and spells with the cycles of the Sun/Moon/Planets, this cycle’s Astrology gives us clear hints and suggestions about what types of rituals to prioritize and what to focus on in your work.

Chile’, let’s talk about it.

Yeye Omo Eja (Mother who's children are Fish).

Yeye Omo Eja (Mother who's children are Fish).

New Moon In Pisces:

Astronomically, a New Moon happens when the Moon returns to the same degree that the Sun is in the sky. When the Earth turns away from the Sun to go into night –it thus also turns away from the Moon (which is why we don’t visibly see the Moon during this part of her cycle).

Symbolically, for us on Mama Ayé (earth), it appears as if the Moon has travelled out of our sight and into her shadow. After putting in 28 days of non-stop shining, she is tired, and needs some time to bathe her own self in the light of the Sun (without us nosy kids seeing her for a lil’ while). She is regenerating herself, so that she can come back and offer us her full light and guidance for the next ~25 days of the month’s cycle. She’s on her period, y’all!


Similarly, we are to go within, retreat, and bask in the light of our inner Suns. New Moons are the re-focus our energy inward, release cords to the previous cycle, forgive, forget, and snuggle up with ourselves in preparation for the cycles to come. The New Moon is our Lunar recharging dock, y’all.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac cycle before the wheel restarts with Aries. In ancient Kemet (before it was named “Egypt” by der europeens), the constellation of Pisces was associated with the fertilization and richness of the land following the huge flow of water that Aquarius season had just brought. Pisces is a mutable, feminine water sign that encourages flow and openness to higher realms. It represents the completion of cycles, spiritual wellbeing, sacrifice, emotional fulfillment, and spiritual connection. Think Auset, Erzulie, and Yemonja for the deities that carry the vibration of this fluid sign.

Mars + Uranus + Jupiter + Eclipse:
This clash of these powerful conjurers in the sky adds a second layer of meaning to this New Moon’s symbolism. These fiery planets let us know that although the Moon is deep in the watery depths of Pisces, we aren’t losing ourselves in it. This spiritual bathing will cool our fires and help us better express our inner truths – both cooling our heads and activating our inner warrior! When we go under the water this New Moon, we will know exactly who/what is truly FOR us, and what’s not. Speak what’s REAL! Look inside of the bag. Is there a cat in there? It’s time to let that sucka OUT, along with a message. A spiritual bath, elixirs, and rinses will be the key to operating in alignment with this cycle.



1.       Use to cast your birth chart and see where 8◦ Pisces falls in your chart (that’s where this New Moon/Eclipse is happening. Pisces is highlighted in PINK in the chart above). Just find the beginning of Pisces, and count 8 of the tiny lines into the sign.

2.       Then, note what house it’s falling in (houses are denoted by big pink numbers; in the example chart, 8◦ Pisces is in the 10th house).



New Moon in the 1st House:
This is a time of personal new beginnings –things will feel fresh, different, and on the edge of change. Your confidence, leadership skills, and namesake is being called upon at this time; conscious action should be taken soon. Add some Carnelian crystals some coffee to a warm spiritual bath to wake you up and imbue you with confidence. It's also a good time to get a haircut or a change of appearance.

New Moon in the 2nd House: Now is a great time to take good care of yourself by observing what your spirit feels like, as it lives in your physical body. You are being reminded of the true, real-world value of being a "lightbody" on this physical earth. Drink a mind-altering meditation tea with Damiana, Mugwort, and Ginger. Speak a prayer of peace out loud into the cup. You’ll soon see how cleansing and lightening your spirit contributes to your physical & even financial success.

New Moon in the 3rd House: Let yourself speak up today! Today is a powerful for channeling words straight from the ancestors into the open world. Hit up that journal, write that article, or gather with friends to teach/discuss/learn somethin' spiritual (#BOOKCLUB, BLITCHES)! The words you say will create portals, so speak lightness and power into every liquid you consume today. The water in your body is listening.

New Moon in the 4th house: Do something to fortify your home as your spiritual temple today. Your personal space is like a protective womb that keeps you safe and balanced – honor it as such. Light some high quality incense. Take a glass bowl of water, place a quartz crystal inside, and sprinkle this cleansing water in all corners of your room. Ask your ancestors (important!) to keep your place safe and allow the womb of your room to birth something good for you. Then, sprinkle the water on your head and feet to honor your Ori and ground yourself.

New Moon in the 5th House: Mardi Gras is startin’ early for you! This is a good time to let go of any barriers to having fun, and put yourself in the position to be wide open to joy, candidness, and liveliness. Create a new work of art. Also, new endings or beginnings with casual lovers are inevitable; so take a bath and add some Florida Water or your favorite scented oil. Wash your back and say “remove my old”. Wash your heart and say “Open my new” to invite the right kind of fun into your life.

New Moon in the 6th: It’s time to take on a new spiritual practice, or upgrade your current one. What is your practice? How do you practically and actually address your ancestors? Offer some water to your Ancestral spirits and speak into the water that you’d like some assistance in upgrading your spiritual skills and developing the rituals and processes that work best for you. Also, if you ain’t made an ancestor altar by now, GET ON IT ASAP!

New Moon in the 7th: Everything happening around you today is a reflection of who you truly are inside –and it’s clearer than ever at this time. Pay attention to the behaviors of your close friends and partners to give you some insight into how you can be more vulnerable and compassionate with them. Ask them to do the same for you if needed. There’s a turning over of a new leaf relationship-wise. Use blessed water to clean all the mirrors in your home, and ask that the Most High help you and your partner see each other clearer. Note changes over the next coming weeks.

New Moon in the 8th: Though Pisces is a very soft sign, upgrading your spiritual protection game can be beneficial right now. Your boundaries are very fluid lately which is perfect for deep, intimate lovemaking with partners, but also can leave you porous to spiritual aggression. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little let-that-shit-go ritual; clear yourself of the memories of those that hurt you and cry yourself a river to healing if you need to. Whatever you do, get your WHOLE BODY submerged in some water with some sea salt to cleanse your neurons and reset your electromagnetic field. Boundaries, bae.

New Moon in the 9th: What you got cooking? The world is your oyster right now, and you’re being booty-bumped by this New Moon into creating a bigger plan for yourself. Do a ritual to call the energy of expansion to you; if you can find the time to visit a sacred spiritual site that has a body of water, it’s a good day to visit with offerings of flowers in gratitude for the biggo blessings to come. If not, spend 15 minutes imagining yourself traveling via boat into the Ancestral realm (guided by Anubis, maybe?). The changes coming are not worth fighting! Meet your guides in the Ancestral Realm and ask some questions.

New Moon in the 10th: Put some Juju on all your career plans today. Invoke the spirit of business and success. Do you see what I did there? I said INVOKE the SPIRIT of success. Take a break from the numbers and hard facts, and take a nice strong whiskey or wine to your most successful ancestors in ritual. Ask that they help you follow your most prosperous path, and imbue you with a responsible, leadership spirit. Then take a shot for yourself. There’s work to do, baby!

New Moon in the 11th: Inspiration and forward movement is the name of the hymn today. There are so many opportunities around you to take quantum leaps into the future right now, and I’mma need you to jump into the possibilities! Keep a keen eye on the like-minded leaders in your network and the folks that just seem to “magically pop up” today (on your feed and IRL). Meditate for 15 minutes and imagine your Goddess of worship pouring fresh water into your head; making you light, quick-minded, and clear-headed. You’re going to need to be in order to receive your future correctly.

Moon in the 12th: The 12th house is Pisces’ natural home in the Zodiac. This New Moon, along with Neptune, is going to take you way way way outside yourself and into the astral realms for some much needed spiritual rest and reprieve. Stay close to home today, and fast on only water and liquids. Retreat from spaces with too much external stimulation, and allow the divine messages to just download into you –without worry. There are many subconscious messages to be revealed.


If yoou’re interested in learning more about what Auset is telling you this cycle, you can schedule an in-depth astrology reading with me, and we can read deeper into your specific configuration!

Modupe gbogbo ire, omi Tutu!