What is the #blitch movement?



BLITCH (n)(gender neutral): A Black Witch (Conjurer/Rootworker/Hoodoosaint) using knowledge of African thought, African/Afrodiasporic spiritual practice, Divination, Ancestral veneration, and African healing modalities to heal and fortify themselves, their elders, their peers, and the next generation of children to be.

The phrase was coined by Daizy Latifah of The AfroMystic.com, due to the co-opting of Black religious traditions by colonizers and cultural appropriators.

It has since expanded into a movement, and a collection of classes, events, meetups, products, and communities all over Africa and her diaspora.

BLITCH Classes + events

April 2019 - New Orleans Blitch Meetup

May 2019 - Brooklyn Blitch Meetup

July 2019 - South Carolina Blitch Meetup