#Conjuration: A Hoodoo Working for Healing the Grief of Child Loss

If you missed the #BlackWitchBookClub last Friday....damn.

Because in addition to the amazing review and discussion of Jambalaya by Luisah Teish (available for pre-order here), we discussed our weirdest metaphysical stories, old time conjure spells women used for protection (where "hot grits" came from), and the different faces of the Orisa. All your favorite conjurers turned up and turned out for the call!

Something else came out of our chat that night, too.

Toward the end of our call, a sister put out a request for a spell to heal grief after a miscarriage, abortion, or the death of a child, and instantly I was hit with it; this is exactly why I do what I do.

Our Indigenous and enslaved ancestors were masters of the root, the herb, the ritual, and the magic word. It is not a question; back in the old days, there were spells for both birth and death. Fertility and the termination of a pregnancy. Bringing joy and healing the grief of joy lost.

Now, in these times, the DESCENDANTS of those rootworkers and conjurers of times gone past MUST know the value of those rituals, and dedicate ourselves to providing spiritual resources to ourselves those that ask us of them. For real for real. 

I've shared this ritual in my private group with the members of the #BlackWitchBookClub but decided to share it publicly, because the amount of women that could benefit from this is incredible. Please share this post with all your friends or family that need some spiritual support in their healing process.


(for healing the grief of a losing a child):

Perform this ritual 13 days (or LATER) after an abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc. Please make sure your body is healed enough to submerge into herbal water before performing. Best on a WANING Moon.

- A clean, comfy bathtub
- Angelica Root/Dong Quai (to empower and invoke the Divine Feminine)
- Passion Flower (to re-inspire sensual/sexual passion and remove self-doubt)
- Jasmine (to lighten grief and bring “smiles” to your face)
- Clove (to call the protection of the ancestors)
- Cheese cloth, or white porous sack to hold the herbs
- Florida water with a few drops of lemongrass
- Incense of your choice
- Half a Lemon
- Comfortable white clothing for post-ritual wear

(Note: these are herbs that correspond with the needs of a grieving person, but they are not the only ones. Use what’s around and what makes sense for you. Feel free to cry and moan/wail at any point *before* you add your herbal elixir to the bath.)

1. Mix a gallon of water, 5 tablespoons of Florida water, and a few drops of Lemongrass oil. Use that mixture to completely clean your bathroom in preparation from ritual work. Throw out trash, sweep/mop the floors, scrub bathtub.

2. After the bathroom is CLEAN, place a small handfull of each herb into your porous sack. Boil them in a pot until the water gets dark. Turn off and let cool. Pour into a bowl and place it by bathtub.

3. Next, burn your incense of choice (frankincense is a favorite of mine heal emotional states effortlessly – but your favorite will do). As you burn, pass the incense over your body (concentrating on the womb space). Let it smoke up the bathroom.

4. Call upon all of your loving ancestors that you know have given birth (or lost children). Ask them OUT LOUD to be with you and to create a womb of protection around you as you undergo this spiritual rebirthing. If appropriate, you can call the spirit of the child to offer you comfort and support as well.

5. Get into the bath, add half lemon to the water, and wash as usual (without soap!). Say: 
“Ancestors, cleanse me of grief, give me relief. Restore my self-love and restore my belief.” Say it as many times as you need to REALLY FEEL it.

6. After washing, take the now cool herbal elixir and pour it over your head, and down your shoulders.

7. Sink down into the tub and submerge your entire body underwater for 9 seconds. Hold your breath for all 9 seconds and imagine that you’re in the protective womb of the Feminine deity of your choice (motherhood-related Goddesses are best).

8. As you come up, exhale and say: “Water of the Womb, Salt of the Sea, Great Mama of Milk, set me free. I’m born anew, your reborn child, hear my cry, bring me my smile. Ase.”

9. Finish bath, drain water, and AIR DRY (do not rinse or towel dry). Put on your all white and burn a yellow or pink candle as you relax for the rest of the day.

Keep your eye open for symbols and signals that your ritual was heard (don't look past them). Notice your mood begin to lighten day after day, and your outlook on sexuality, children, and your own inner power, becoming cleaner.

If you really take the time to do the ritual with intention, you'll see a shift in your emotional state immediately or overnight.

If you'd like to learn more about how to build your own traditional Hoodoo rituals for healing, prosperity, and power, learn more about the Sankofa Spirit School HERE.

For personal conjurings, email me at Ashe@TheAfroMystic.com.