the practice and art of discovering hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of one's ancestors and guiding spirits.

Divination can assist in the process of:

  • Making important critical life decisions

  • Uncovering hidden information

  • Diagnosing & addressing spiritual illness

  • Questions of life purpose

  • Connecting to & communicating with Ancestral Spirits

PLEASE NOTE THAT READINGS MAY BE BOOKED 2 WEEKS TO 4 MONTHS AHEAD. There are no refunds for divinations purchased, so please be aware of this and schedule at your own discretion.

INTUITIVE TAROT readings & ORACLE divination

15 | 30 | 45 | 60 | 90 Minute increments via phone, skype, or in person. Email readings N/A.


At the crossroads + and need direction? Got real life questions on relationships, purpose, money, family? Let's look into the situation with a clear eye, and get some spiritual assistance from your Ancestors & Familiars on the main line.

Readings are deep, compassionate, uplifting, and REAL. After our sessions, you'll feel clearer, wiser, centered, and more empowered about your next move which is the goal, right?

Let's spark some life changes. Click here for some testimonials from the #Blitches.


Using my divining board, and a gumbo of divination tools (bones, seeds, dice, etc), we will look into matters of spiritual wellness, healing, transformation, spiritual diagnosis/cleansing, psychic and home protection, uncrossing, road opening, and ritual working. 

*This 1hr option is available in the drop down menu on the Tarot + Oracle Readings page.

*Inquire about couple & group divinations

*Please make space for your Ancestors/Spirits to connect with you ritually, before our reading (a simple honest prayer/meditation, incense, meditation or honest prayer will work).

*Also available by appointment in Inglewood/Los Angeles, if you're familiar and comfortable w/ healing environments in the hood. 


******Please allow 2-5 days for scheduling time. No same-day appointments.******


Let my friend Philip interpret your dream for you. This is a referral to his brilliant, African-centered dream interpretation services. E-mail Ashe@TheAfroMystic.com for details.

* Please note that all readings and sessions purchased are non-refundable
* Please e-mail me personally before purchasing any in-person session inquiries to secure available space. 
* Office hours (divinations/readings/sessions/correspondence) are TUE-FRI opening at 11:00 am PST.
* I do not do same-day readings (unless previously discussed)
* SKYPE sessions are for 60 Minute sessions and above