Natal Chart Astrology Readings
Natal Chart Astrology Readings


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You, Starchild, are the upgraded, updated, and unique versions of your Ancestors. At the time of your birth you were encoded with the Astrological energy of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, and Signs hanging above you in the sky.

Is your ancestral inheritance to be "The Warrior" in this lifetime?  Does your soul resonate with "Entertainer" energy? Do you have the character of the "Artist" of the family?

These answers and more can be decoded from your birthchart -- the cosmic graph that gives a powerful view of your spiritual purpose, and the Ancestral inheritance that is the KEY to a life much happier and success filled than you could have ever imagined!

Let's look into the deeper layers of your chart to decode your truest, ancestrally given talents and gifts.

NOTE: *Please note that slots may be booked out 4-18 weeks from your purchase depending on availability. Please be patient, it’s worth it. There is no refund for sessions purchased. All sales are final, so schedule at your own discretion. If your issue is urgent, please e-mail me and I will get back to you about expediting options. There are no same-day sessions unless otherwise mentioned. There is no refund for sessions purchased.

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There is NO such thing as a "bad" Astrology Chart or Sign. Ever. I don't care if you've been "🎵hurt by a Pisces🎵" (cue #Beyonce). Not all ♊ Geminis are beautiful liars 💋, and not all ♑ Capricorns are heartless bitters 💔. And most importantly, that's NOT how OUR ancestors utilized Astrology for healing.

I get it! Clowning with #PettyStrology can be fun. But it would be a BIG LOSS to let those basic-ass-slandering-ass interpretations of Astrology rob you from the ANCESTRAL HEALING POWER of going deeper into the true energy of your birth chart.

Because I practice #ATR's (African Traditional Religion), my ☊ NATAL CHART ASTROLOGY READINGS ☋ recognize you as an OLD SPIRIT, operating as the upgraded, updated, and latest technology version of your Ancestors.

You came here with a MISSIONto accomplish boo, bestowed upon you by your own head (ORI) and your Ancestral Spirits. Your Natal Chart is the tool to help you accomplish that.

We will look at ALL the planets in your Natal Chart to determine: What is the nature of your spiritual mission? Are you the descendant of Warriors, Artists, Healers, Conjurers? What are your Ancestral superpowers and who are your guardians🏆? What are your personal stumbling blocks/strongholds/shadows that keep you from CLAIMING YOUR CROWN?

Who are the natural types of partners and relationships are healthy for you in this life💋💞? .

A Natal Chart reading will help you decode ALL-A-DAT, and I've seen it completely change people's lives and perception of themselves, many times. You ready? 

Please allow up to 48 hours response time, though you'll usually receive a time to schedule before then. "W/Transits" option offers information about not only your birth chart, but the affect of the planets moving RIGHT NOW and how they interact with and affect your chart (i.e. This current Mercury retrograde in your 12th house, what does it mean?!).