April Full Moon in Libra Conjuration: ROSEWATER BEAUTY ELIXR

Full Moon In Libra

Roses in wooden conjure bowl.

Roses in wooden conjure bowl.


Flowers, herbs, and roots have always been an important part of African magic practice. When that magic was imported into the west when African people were stolen during the Ma'afa, the use of flowers as magical ingredients continued with rootworkers utilizing the local plants that were available near them.

One of the most abundant and fragrant types of flowers available in the West was the Rose, with it's sensuous, attractive, and heart-opening scent.

On this Full Moon in Libra, use the process below to create and breathe life into your own hoodoo'ed Ritual Rosewater (or Rose Oil) Serum.

Use it in love rituals/baths or as a perfume to boost your beauty, or to attract a partner who can truly appreciate the beauty in you.


Rosewater Beauty Elixr 


-1 cup of dried rose petals. .
-2 cups of distilled water
*Make sure that they are free of pesticides and chemicals. Using ones from a local garden is not only lit, but easy and free. Cut off any rose thorns and save them for future spells. (note: *to put some extra Ashe on your working, wake up early and gather your flowers at 5:00 am, when there is still dew on them. Then, dry them and use in the serum.)


  1. Place ingredients into a clean pot. Cover and boil until the rose petals lose their color.
  2. Call in the assistance of your most attractive ancestors. Stir and say something like: "sweet Mami of beauty, sweet Wata of love, draw me in the image of your above. Share with me your charm, your magnetism too, bring to me the sweet ones who are drawn to you". Get creative (it doesn't have to rhyme lol), but be specific about what you want. Hold the mental/emotional image firm as it boils.
  3. Remove from heat and strain. Pour strained water into a spray bottle or jar (add a few fresh petals into the jar for beautification.
  4. Charge for one night in the light of the Full Moon. Keep stored in a cool dark place until ready to use.


You can add extra ingredients to make the intention of the Rosewater Elixr stronger, or to use it in different ways.


  1. Rose Quartz: to charge the serum with the energy of innocent love and pure beauty.
  2. Carnelian: to charge the serum for sexual passion and raw sensual sexiness
  3. Rhodochrosite: to charge the serum with the energy of long-lasting love and commitment.

Oils + Waters:

Add Florida Water or Rose essential oils to strengthen the scent and wear it as a perfume.
Add Sweet Almond oil to make the water a skin toning and moisturizing serum.


Excited about this? Gonna try it?
Let me know in the comments below, and I'll help hold space for your intention to be SET!

Happy Full Moon!
<3 The AfroMystic