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What is the #blitchFund?

The #BLITCHFUND (The "Black Witch" Fund) is a permanent Pan-African philanthropic fund created in 2016 to assist low-income black families (especially black women head of households) with securing life's basic necessities: rent, food, water, utilities, and transportation.

The recipients of the fund are predominantly black women, and practitioners of African/Afro-Diasporic spiritual systems.

Through private contributions and collective fundraising, the #BLITCHFUND has been able to impact the lives of black families in the U.S., the Caribbean, and Continental Africa.


Black Witch PHILANTHROPY: groundwork over aesthetics


If your Hoodoo doesn't serve the Black community financially, we don't want it.

In the tradition of authentic Conjure (Hoodoo, Rootwork), the success of the community and the cultivation of it's shared children is of paramount importance. We know that we can not actualize the empowered future our Ancestors fought for, if we as descendants are perpetually in states of imposed displacement, poverty, and lack.

To the demise of BIPOC, the modern commercialized and culturally-appropriated perspective of Hoodoo silences and erases this critical history of this community-based spiritual system.

So in the vein of conjuring a culturally-accurate Hoodoo community, #BLITCHFUND founder Daizy Latifah initiated a private fund with her own monies, to ensure that low-income Black women (the actual purveyors of Hoodoo in this country) have access to a jump-start at the successful life that is still rightfully owed to them.





Leave behind a legacy of giving! The #BLITCHFUND is always accepting contributions to families in need, on a one-time, monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly schedule. Even the smallest contributions can go a long way. 

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THE SANKOFA LIST: Black-Written Books on African Spirituality

#BLITCHFUNDRAISER | THE SANKOFA LIST: A list of links to books about African Spirituality, written by Black authors! 100% of proceeds goes to #TheBlitchFund!

Available for download instantly, or within 24 hours.


This curated list of 60+ titles was compiled in response to the community’s desire to read black-written literature on African Spirituality - without being swayed wayward by false authorities on our Ancestral spiritual practice. This document contains links to purchase these books and grow your collection. Because of Amazon’s unfortunate ranking system, many of these books, you never knew existed!

The List Contains Titles on:

● Hoodoo, Voodoo & Black American Religion & Spirituality

● Haitian Vodou, Obeah, & Afro-Caribbean Religion & Spirituality

● IFA, Odinani, & West-African Religion & Spirituality

● Kemetic/East-African Religion & Spirituality

● Miscellaneous (Foundational African Religious Thought & Womanist-Centered Healing)

● Children's African and Diasporic Beliefs and Folklore

*Please note, you are not getting 60+ whole books for $21, but the titles and direct links to purchase them!


1. Treat Cho'self, Don't Cheat Cho'self!
2. Books make good Christmas gifts!
3. You'll be supporting Black families afford basic living costs.
4. You'll be purchasing books from Authors who support the cause!
5. You'll be raising the rank of black-written books on Amazon!
6. The list will be updated and added to quarterly and available for repurchase at a discounted price!
7. Save time scouring through Amazon for authentic Black-written reads!

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other ways to get involved

Visibility matters! Share this page on all your social networks, and among friends and loved-ones that wish to help black families thrive!