astrology CHART READINGs (natal & ancestral)

Natal Astrology is the ancient art of gleaning insight about ourselves and our lives, by interpreting the position of the planets, signs, and houses at the moment we took our first breath.


What is an Astrology "chart"?

Hunty, your Astrological "chart" or "Natal chart" is a snapshot of where all of the planets were above and around you at the moment of your birth.

As a lifelong Astrology student and a practicing professional Astrologer for over 10 years, it's no secret to me that the benefits of knowing your unique Astrological makeup are abundant and generous! It's a guide-map to a bigger, more profound perspective of yourself than you could ever imagine.

In our Natal Astrology Reading we will discuss:

  • YOUR SOUL CHARACTER:  Are you here as the Artist? Do you have the soul of the Fiery Free Thinker or the Organized Master of the Earth plane? What does it look like when you keep it 100% about who you are in the world? What are your natural superpowers? What *work* MUST you do this lifetime in order to fulfill your destiny and make your Ancestors proud?
  • YOUR "SHIT": Where there's brilliance, there's also the possibility of shade. Let's discuss the nature of your "shadow side". What are your personal stumbling blocks/strongholds/shadows/fuckeries that keep you from CLAIMING YOUR CROWN? What does it look like when you are lost and running away from yourself? How can YOU actually uncross yourself and get on the right track?
  • YOUR GOALS: What is the highest manifestation of your life goals and personal aspirations? Knowing your chart help you make them a reality!
  • YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: What type of love language do you speak (hint: there's more than 5...)? In which ways do you nurture, and what's needed to feel nurtured by others? Who are your natural sexual partners in this lifetime? What types of people do you attract, and why?

and if you want to take it deeper...

a next level astrology chart reading
for healing generational traumas + "curses"

Ancestral Astrology is my process of reading the chart in a way that gleans vital information about our generational & Ancestral spiritual inheritances. This Ancestral Astrology reading will show explore what your Ancestors are healing --through you-- and what their emotional experience of this world consisted of. This goes deeper than a Natal Chart Reading, and should be the choice of anyone who practices Ancestor Veneration or any other African Traditional Religion (ATR) or Magical Practice.

A self-reflective young Surma chile from Ethiopia.

A self-reflective young Surma chile from Ethiopia.

your chart is your mirror.

We'll start the reading with an exploration of your personality and mission --per the planets, signs, and symbols in your astrology chart.

We'll look at your chart to remember your creator-given skills, gifts, and superpowers. The ones that you're either suppressing, or using to your advantage, right now, to build a royal life for yourself.

As a descendant of excellent people, your Ancestors expect you to be brilliant examples of their genius, the magic, and their legacy.

Is your ancestral inheritance to be "The Warrior" in this lifetime?  Does your soul resound with "Entertainer" energy? Do you have the character of the "Artist" of the family? How can you best honor that?

Let's let your Sun, Moon, Rising, and inner planets tell the story of who you are.

*Basic Natal Chart reading highly recommended as a prerequisite to Ancestral Chart Reading*


emphasis on healing and decolonization

get specifics on what you can do to protect and heal yourself

How has the "western" experience stifled your creativity, health, and your
"Indi-genius" spirit?

How do you deal with depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. and still be on your highest path?

What do you need to know about your relationships, partners, and healing relationship-based traumas?

heal generational + reincarnational trauma with your chart

what types of trauma and/or unhealed pain have your ancestors had to bear over the generations?

Your Ancestors have seen many changes; ups, and downs. And if you're a Black person from the Diaspora, you can probably identify painful family behaviors play out in your own immediate kin-circles; from Big Momma on down to Lil' Mayne. Why the hell, fam?!

Generational Traumas and "curses" that repeat in cycles (until they're mastered or overcome) are often symptoms of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (more here) and other spiritual maladies that our Ancestors may have encountered along the way.

Looking at the chart, we will discuss your family's specific history of triumph and pain, the types of and your role in healing the missteps of previous Ancestral lifetimes. We will discover your Ancestral duty, and how their story is living through you subconsciously.

H. Tubman, Ancestor (1911)

H. Tubman, Ancestor (1911)