african spirituality rituals

Ritual is everything

It's how we celebrate and give thanks

it's how we bring abundance and pleasure

it's how we change and improve ourselves
and loved ones for the better

It's how we protect ourselves from harm


The old folks say that ritual is everything. Rituals are our Creator-given way of connecting to and petitioning the divine and our Ancestors to initiate small or major change in our living-lives. 

As a dedicated lifelong practitioner of Hoodoo, Rootwork & good ol' ritual, I have experience in directing electromagnetic flow in order to heal, change, and transform our lives and life circumstances.

That's what casting a "spell" is -- it's essentially a prayer, a request, or a demand that magnetizes and/or repels in order to achieve a specific purpose utilizing specific tools and/or incantations.

Ritual types:

  • Ancestor re-connection work/"generational curse" consultation

  • Cleansing/Clearing/Unhexing work

  • Protection/"Cord Cutting" & No-Police work

  • Court Case work

  • Money/Financial/ Career Success work

  • Road Opening/Obstacle Removals

  • Attraction Work

  • Communication work

  • Family Intervention work

  • & MORE.


AFTER DIVINATION ON THE SUBJECT, I will perform a specified ritual on your behalf with the assistance of my governing spirits, the appropriate deities, my Ancestors/your ancestors (as appropriate), and my elders, on my personal Rootwork Altar.

All matters of personal rootwork must be proceeded by a Hoodoo Divination (click here to purchase).

Personalized workings pricing depends on the time/materials needed, and the circumstances described.

*Not every working will contain (all) of these materials.