"The body of a human is small compared to the spirit which inhabits it."
Cameroonian Proverb

I'm blessed that Your spirit found it's way here! Welcome.

Let us commune with our ancestors.
Drink some tea. Pull some cards. And heal some sh*t.


Well, in a Kola Nut shell...

I am a CONJUREWOMAN, Root doctor, Diviner/reader, Astrologer,
and C.C.H.T. in los angeles, ca.

I am the ALSO originator of the popular social media word and hashtag #BLITCH© (BLACK + WITCH) used to connect black witches across the diaspora via meetups and more!

I am also an ordained minister and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist C.C.H.T. operating out of a community healing center in South L.A.

I offer healing and clarifying  Divinations + Astrology Readings, ritual tools in The AfroMystic Shop, and personal Rootwork consultations in person and via phone/skype. 

To learn more about the services I offer, please click and read my "Services" tab/page.

I specialize in:

  • Divination/Ancestor readings with cards, bones, shells, seeds, coins +

  • Astrology Chart Readings from an Ancestral-reverence/Past-Life perspective

  • Personalized Rootwork Consultations (spiritual cleansing baths, traditional foot-washings, head-washings, road-openings, uncrossings, unhexings, abuse survivor assistance/intervention, etc.)

  • Home & Business Cleansings + Home Protection + Business Prosperity Work

  • Womb Re-adjustment and realignment massage (a hands-on service)

  • Hypnotherapy for healing emotional wounds, deepening meditation skills, improving talents, reactivating ancestral connections, releasing addictions, and more

  • Natural Birth Control Consultations (and other indigenous non-pharmaceutical anti-establishment birth/termination services)

  • Herbalism/Natural Medicine-Making (for physical/mental/emotional ills)


  • Ordained Non-Denominational Minister

  • California Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.C.H.T.)

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Certified

  • Mental Health First Aid Certified

    • I've been trained to "provide emergency help to people experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and substance use disorders."

  • SFAP Level 2 Evolutionary Astrology Certified

I honor my African and Afro-Diasporic Ancestors by preserving and continuing the traditions that are my birthright.

My ancestral story


I am the Great Great Grandaughter of Leona; a fiery African-descended root-woman who was born into slavery and died free in Mississippi, USA.

Although her descendants migrated to many different areas (including California) and adapted to the changes of history, her vigor as an Ancestor has kept the tradition of Hoodooo (also known as Conjure/Rootwork) alive and well inside of me.

My work honors her life, her memory, her powerful fire for righteousness, and her black-hot conjure hand.


our ancestral story

Chokwe mask; Kongo

Chokwe mask; Kongo

We are infinite beings. Our Ancestors from Africa and the Diaspora told us so. They told us that before my people were forced across the volatile seas of the Atlantic during the triangle trade, that we were master builders (and that we still are). We birthed complex spiritual systems and lifestyles that modern scientists can't fathom (and that we still do).

We were healers (and we still are). We seasoned our food with the native plants in our lands, and made herbal medicinal remedies that worked. We were connected. Trusted Elders carried messages from the the creator to our villages, and passed down the ways of divination to those that felt called to the priestess/priesthood. Life, death, war, and love were all inextricably spiritual processes. Some of our Ancestors and relatives from West Africa also told us, that before we even got here, we came from a distant star, and that was our home.

As their descendant, my work is dedicated to the decolonization and spiritual liberation of African and indigenous people affected by the illusions of white supremacy and patriarchy.

And although this is your home for now, they said, you must keep with you all of the presence, power, and Ase that is us. We live through you and with you.
You are a healer, because I am.
— #TheCollectiveAncestors