Conjuration: A Ritual Working to Bless A New Home For Prosperity ($$$)

L.A./Inglewood* I'm back! Whats good Fam!?

Issa Moving Season! (not my place, but I'm not too far from Issa's on-screen crib).

Issa Moving Season! (not my place, but I'm not too far from Issa's on-screen crib).

The Mercury Retrograde *shadow period* is almost over, and I've finally gotten a chance to move house into the Los Angeles healing-centered living/working space (and neighborhood) I'd been asking for, for a while.

And with LA rent prices High as John The Conquer out here, I know that it's with the black-hot strength of my rootworkin' hand and the intervention/assistance of my Ancestors/The Creator, that I am able to receive the gifts rightfully set aside for me.

The past month and a half has been a gratitude-filled reminder of how, by the wisdom of your Head and the guidance of your Ancestors, the proverbial "way out of no way" makes itself manifest. I thank my Grandmama and her Daughter for passing that particular acquired skill down to me in these times. Cause, shit.

The first rituals I did before even moving in involved meeting, cleansing, and protectively fortifying the space. I met the good spirits that lived here long before me, I rang my spiritual bells, spoke my prayers, laid my track of dusts and waters and powders and nails, & set up my bigger Deity and Ancestral altars (as promised to my peoples on the other side).

The next thing I did was this MONEY WEB RITUAL to bless the house with financial prosperity and many months of paid-in-full rent receipts (a privilege in LA)! I will also be working out of here (in-person divinations/hypnotherapy/classes from my LA shop coming soon), so the work was to financially fortify the multiple businesses that will be running out of this location.

This ritual is similar to many traditional Hoodoo workings that require you to anoint your money with certain oils before handing them off to their next destination. It works specifically good for new business or home-business locations. Great to do upon moving in.

The "web" you will build operates as a spiritual "net" for money to come in and stay inside...cause you ain't come to play-play, right? Right.



What you will need:

  • Full 1st Month's Rent + Deposit in CASH (or similar amount)
  • Money Oil(s) of your choice (I used 3 cause I'm extra: My own Handmade Prosperity Oil, Big Liz's "In Da Black" Conjure Oil & Myesha's Money Oil)
  • Pyramid shaped crystal or trinket box (to direct intention)
  • Ya Ancestors + Helpful Spirits + Your Conjure Hands


  1. Write a lit-ass petition paper or prayer that includes your desired $$$ income. Place it under or inside the pyramid. Put some Ase' on that thang there!
  2. Anoint your hands with your Money Oil(s) and ask your wisest, wealthiest, most business-minded Ancestors to be present *here and now* and assist the working. (Use names if you know them. For my practitioners of ATR's, you may want to bring an appropriate offering to your Deity or Ancestor in exchange for their backing, cause you know reciprocity is necessity, and they finna bless you).
  3. Rub your hands over each one of the bills, and say your prayer over each. one. Stack them so they all face the same direction.
  4. Starting with the pyramid at center, build a simple cross (+) with a few the bills.
  5. Make 2+ more crosses of bills to create a multi-pointed star (*) base for your web (see red lines).
  6. Use more bills to create the perpendicular "cross lines" of the web. Stay focused on the income goal at hand as you run these across your web (see green lines below)
  7. Once the web is built, spend some time visualizing, meditating and charging your petition. Play your favorite $$$ music, do a $$$ dance, or simply repeat the chant "the doors of prosperity are open to me". The key is to do what needs to be done to *feel rich*. The spirits need that emotion as reference to carry your intention forth. SO GO IN.
  8. Keep web in position until rent is due, and use these bills to pay it (or re-stack and put in a safe place). This can be done monthly to ensure the long-standing prosperity of your home or business.

Many money blessings and mad love to all my Blitches (Black Witches), Conjurers, Witch-Doctors, and Rootworkers who have taken up the sword to be the healers, historians, and guardians for the next generation of our people. 

For info on personalized divinations, rootwork/spellwork consultations, or classes - shoot me an e-mail here or at!

In the words of a wise-woman, "Make that money, Girl. Don't let it make YOU".

*Call Inglewood "i-wood" and I'll hex you.