A Veneration Prayer to Invoke the Ancestral Spirits

Happy #BlitchKwanzaa, Y'all! (LMAO)

So, of all the questions I have been seeing lately from the newer members of the growing conjure community regarding our spiritual practices, the most common topic that keeps coming up is "What do I need to to or say to get further in touch with my ancestors?" (I LOVE this question. It's Ancestor-guided).

This is both surprising and not surprising.

Surprising, because ancestor veneration is woven intricately into the tapestry of Hoodoo, and one would expect that anyone practicing Conjure would have that understanding down pat and in tact. But even more accurately -- It's not surprising. Many descendants of African enslaved people were often beaten into religious conversion and forced to abandon the practice of openly venerating Ancestral spirits (i.e. no celebrations of them, no Ancestral holidays, no gravesite visits or headstones to mark the graves, no Ancestral altars, no prayers left behind, nunnadat).

The fact that you may not have ANY record of your Great Great Grandparents *is* a symptom of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and has NEVER been fair to you. (Also, what's this bullshit I hear former rapper B.O.B. talmbout, "there was no slave trade"? Boy...don't let your Ancestors catch wind of that and snatch you out that Fez, now...).

Besides building and working at an ancestral altar (need help? I got you fam), dedicating yourself to uplifting your legacy, and training your awareness to notice the "signs" they will inevitably send to you, the simplest, most free99 thing you can do to connect to your Ancestors right NAH, is to address them in sincere and honest prayer. Frfr. If you're coming with a purity & willingness to know them, your Ancestral spirits will usually respond the appreciation with closer connection, and improved life circumstances.

Aight so boom, for what I like to call #AncestorVenerationWeek (10/31 through 11/6), I wrote up a version of a prayer that is designed to deepen the bond between you and your spirits. Feel free to change the words around or add more to the prayer to make it fit your needs as appropriate.

Feel free to let me know if it has helped you!

<3 Ya Hood's Local Conjurewoman,
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