5 Traditional Hoodoo Herbs for Gemini Season


The old Tradition of Hoodoo has always acknowledged the cycles of nature, and stresses the importance of doing certain workings at certain times for maximum effectiveness. Timing is key.

In the West, we're currently smack in the middle of celebrating the moving of the Sun (RA) into the astrological time we know as Gemini. And besides reposting those hilariously sarcastic Gemini memes that everyone loves to share, there are a few more things you can do to align yourself with the energy of this fast-moving and clarity-bringing time.


Here are 5 herbs that, if used ritually, can help you to soothe mental anxiety, communicate with your guardians, bring out the truth, and excite your learner's brain (all processes ruled by the domain of Gemini).

This easy-to-find ol'school conjure favorite can easily be grown on a windowsill, or is probably already in granny's kitchen cabinet cause she knows what's up. It has been used in all kinds of workings from money attraction, to foot-track conjurations. Commonly used in old southern rituals as a peace-bringer, this cooling herb was used to restore mental health and well-being to yourself and your home. Propitiate the herb (basil likes being talked to), and sprinkle some in your next cleansing bath to delivert yourself from disorderly thinking & hotheadedness, and into a cooler state of mind.

Another commonly-found herb, mint is one of the most energetically cleansing herbs in the game --don't sleep on it! You probably couldn't if you tried; mint has that invigorating scent that has been traditionally used to help energize and spark mental activity and woke-ness during times of stress and oppression. Gone' head and boil up some water and open that old box of mint tea sitting in the back of the cabinet. It's Gemini season, and nobody likes an ol' foggy-brained-head-ass during this time of year.

Ol' school conjurers have been knowing what your holistic doctor is just finding out; Flaxseed is full of lots of the good shit that your brain needs to function properly (Omega 3's, boo). They have been used in Hoodoo to boost psychic clarity, so that you can recognize the truth when it's being told to you (and help you tell the truth as well). Eat them bad boys in some food to keep your brain on the up-and-up, or carry a handfull in your pocket satchel for 7 days to dispel liars and send phony-ass energy far, far away from you.

Although this is one of the lesser available conjure herbs, it's uses in tradition have been plenty. Coltsfoot can be burned as incense to clear the "telephone line" between you and your southern U.S. ancestors (if you have them). More generally it can be used to make the messages your guardian spirits have for you more clear and direct, which we all need, especially at this time of the cycle.

In addition to being an herb utilized by traditional women to exert their feminine dominance (sayyyy whaaaaat?), it is also an herb that, used in root medicine, can improve attention span, memory, and turn on your "learning brain". If you're doing the Gemini thing and trying to study, get your reading/writing skills up, or pass an important mental test of some sort, a lil' rosemary tea or chewing on a fresh sprig like a toothpick can go a long way.

Aight, fam, let's start with those! Go forth, prosper, and be the excellent learners and thinkers our spiritually-cultivated African ancestors need and expect us to be.

Blessings and Peace!