#BLITCHCINEMA: Daughters of the Dust




What is #BlitchCinema?

#BlitchCinema is an opportunity to watch & discuss the films most relevant to the African/Diasporic community for free. It centers around films featuring the themes of Conjure/Hoodoo, Vodou, Ifa, the Ma'afa (trans-atlantic slave trade) history, and African Spirituality...for free. Sometimes illegally, cause, capitalism. But still...for free.

As I scour the internets for free links to the bestest, blackest, most relevant films, I will post the links on this website along with discussion questions to create conversation around them, and discuss their impact on ourselves as Black Witches, Wadjets, AfroMystics, etc.

But WHY #BlitchCinema Though?

I'm soooo not a Disney movie person...and I don't guilty about it. Since the time I was very young, I can remember the dissatisfaction of being forced to watch the corniest of white-character-centered, bland, PG films pushed onto my generation (Ms. Doubtfire was ill, though). 

My parents really didn't censor what I watched (big ups Ma!), so when I was able to start looking for my own video content outside of what was being shoveled onto me, I joyfully went ALL the way IN to the non-fiction and non-fantasy side of film. I need some grit, some grime, and reality, some history. Some relevance.

To this day, my favorite genre of movies are films/documentaries about African/African-American history, Magic, and issues African people at home and in the Diaspora face(d).

My goal is to share the movies to create black witch dialogue, and celebrate the abundance of good, witchy black film.


This Months First Movie: Daughters Of The Dust

(link + DISclaimer below, discussion questions at bottom)

WATCH NOW LINK*: http://buff.ly/2oFiLx8 

About this Film: "Daughters of the Dust is a 1991 independent film written, directed and produced by Julie Dash and is the first feature film directed by an African-American woman distributed theatrically in the United States. Set in 1902, it tells the story of three generations of Gullah (also known as Geechee) women in the Peazant family on St. Helena Island as they prepare to migrate to the north on the mainland."

Feel free to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the film below the post. And remember, the link to this movie is free, but we always want to support Black screenwriters, filmakers, and actors --so if you like it, BUY IT!

*Disclaimer: The link is hella tricky, because this is one of those back of the internet ass free movie websites. Please close out ANY popups immediately, don't click anything but the play button, and don't sign up for NOTHIN! I'm not responsible for issues based off of not following directions, lol.



Feel free to comment below or repost on social media with your discussion questions and answers! Be sure to tag me in your post so I can see it, and we can discuss this ish!:


1) Which Character do you find yourself most in resonance with? What traits do you believe you share and why?

2) Which Character gets on your damn nerves the most? What is it about them that makes you tick? Do they remind you of anyone in your family?

3) What issues, behaviors, mind-states, or circumstances in the story can you note as being carry-overs from slavery. Which of the characters minds do you think was most "enslaved"? Whose was least?

4) What are your favorite CONJURE rituals/symbols from the movie? Bottle trees? Satchets? Statues? Which are you most drawn to?