SATURN IN CAPRICORN: Mate-Masie "What I Hear I Keep"

I will be offering personalized Saturn in Capricorn readings until 2020! Click below for more info.

I will be offering personalized Saturn in Capricorn readings until 2020! Click below for more info.

When a Blitch (black witch) woke up this mawnin', Saturn had finally moved into it's native sign, CAPPACONE (Capricorn)! Did you feel it?

I think I did. Last night, I had this crazy, action-movie dream where I was required to travel to Virgina, by train, and assassinate the ringleader of a modern day slaver and sex trafficker (they had sistas in bamboo earrings picking cotton, y'all).

Upon arrival to the plantation I was nervous, but not unsure. I was here to do my job, and do it well. Long story short, I ended up shooting the cocaine-addicted "massa" with a mini-revolver multiple times in the face, and the recoil from the dream-gun shook me awake. I woke up with an image of Harriet Tubman emblazoned onto my mental screen.

Okay, Ancestors. I'mma go ahead and take that as a sign of what this Saturn in Capricorn season is about to mean for me, and as a push to get on my shit.


Saturn will be in Capricorn from
December 20th, 2017 until March 21st, 2020.

It takes about 2.5 years for Saturn to move out of one sign and into the next (it takes the Sun about a month). This means it's themes and lessons "last" a while, and it always benefits us to know the Saturn cycles so that we too, can "last".

For a long time, european astrologers thought that Saturn was the last & most important planet in our solar system. Saturn has been associated with the christian "satan". Even more specifically, it's associated with the greek myth of Chronos, the nigga that ate his own children to avoid losing his kingship (only leading to the birth of his son Zeus, who dethroned him). So there's that.

To bring it back even further in time and history, Saturn is associated with the African Kemetic (Egyptian) deity "Set" or "Seth", the brother of beloved Ausar, who in his jealousy, chopped Ausar up into 14 pieces and spread him around the country. Eventually, this led to the birth Heru, the greatest hero that ever was, who went back to avenge his fathers death with the help of his Momma and his Elder Tehuti.

Needless to say, Saturn transits require us to perform difficult acts that, with help from our Elders and our unshakable inner reserves, can transform us from raw iron ore into a sharpened machete.

Saturn in ASTROLOGY represents the cosmic "ELDER MIND" and brings:


- Opportunities for leadership, maturity, and leveling-up your life in ways that you haven't before (due to lack of internal or external resources).

- Desire to serve yourself, then serve your community/public with solid work and long-range problem solving.

- Self-preservation, resilience, staying power in the face of difficulties.

- Ability to make a name for yourself and be well-respected amongst the community.

If you "play too much", this season will give you the light (or firm) "talkin' to" (or whoopin') you may need to get that tail back on track. Just ask ya'self, WWHD: What Would Harriet Do?

Saturn transits bring the energy and motivation to do what you DO NOT feel like doing. It shows us how to delay instant gratification for long-term benefits. Shows us how cutting corners actually hurts us in the long run. No one knows this like the ELDERS who dun' been there AND got the T-shirt (Go'ne head and ask uncle Charles why he tells you "to get ya education" every time you see him. He got a wisdom behind that).

"Elders" in every capacity of the word (not limited to age) will be coming out the woodworks to offer you assistance on moving up into the next level of life. It's your job to listen closely, and wisely.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll do whatever needs to be done to reach the promised land. Now listen here chile..."

My affirmation for this next 2.5 years with Saturn is the Adinkra symbol named "MATE MASIE", which means "WHAT I HEAR, I KEEP".

And you better believe I "kept" that message about the mini-revolver.




Saturn Keywords:

-Standards (SEE: raising them bishes)
-Work & Dedication
-Ancestral guidance
-Rules and Laws
-Public perception
-Work Ethic
-Overstanding Government/Leadership/Politics
-Financial debt or Reward

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