For some reason, Rhodonite rarely comes up in the casual convos I have with other crystal enthusiasts, about stones we've used to help heal our Hearts.

We chat confidently about crystals we've used as medicines for our emotional wounds: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Jade. But the beauty and power of black and pink Rhodonite seems to get forgotten or left out of the conversation altogether!

But why, tho?! For those of us who use these Earth-formed crystals as forms of medicine, Rhodonite is a stone that you definitely wanna keep around -- it's known as the most powerful heart-chakra stone and specifically deals with overcoming the effects of trauma on the heart. What POC doesn't need some medicine for heart healing these days, where inflicting trauma onto Melanated people is not only accepted, but encouraged?

Rhodonite can come in a variety of colors, from an opaque hot-pink, to pink with black veins, and even charcoal black with patches of rose. It's on the Tough and heavy side of the scale, with even small chunks of the mineral weighing more than they look at first glance.

The blackness in the stone is due to it's Manganese content. Manganese is a mineral whose characteristics include the ability to refract and deflect light (to transform it), and that creates Rhodonite's ability to shift old stagnant energies in the heart, as well as deflect unhealthy energy like a mirror.



The elders often talk about people who "died of a broken heart" due to the grief of a loved one leaving or passing on. That's because we often store emotions tied to painful memories in the heart and chest area -- from the front of the sternum, through the heart, and the upper back. And it affects us, whether we know it or not.

Our heartbeat is a series of electrical impulses that move blood and oxygen and keep us alive! When the healthy energy flow of the heart's electricity (the "chakra") is stopped or weakened by one or multiple traumatic experiences (emotional grief), it can manifest in our Physical bodies as:

  • Chest/Heart or Upper back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Congestive Heart failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease, and sum'mo bull shit :/

In the Emotional and Mental Bodies, many of us subconsciously build up a bulky "energy wall" around the heart, in an attempt to keep it protected from potential pain and vulnerability to others. We become resistant to change, depressed, emotionally distant, numb, jealous, abusive/self-destructive, or some mixture of all those things. 

Rhodonite, with its transmutational energy signature, is used to break-up and move that murky energy that lingers in the heart area. It lightens the heart-space and encourages youthful optimism, a greater love of self, and protects the heart chakra from vampiric energies.



Here is a very simple exercise to help in the process of using Rhodonite to soften the heart. Remember, the key to working with crystals is about participating with them actively, not just passively.




  1. Light your candles if you have them, and set them before you at a table.
    (the black is for cleansing, the white for lightness, and pink for comfort).
  2. Call in the assistance of a particular Deity, Ancestor, or Spirit Guide/Animal that will help you release this pain. Oya, Yemoja, Olokun, Auset, and Nekhebet are some examples of spirits you can conjure to help. NOTE: Don't call on them if you ain't truly ready to heal or invite them into the situation. Give an offering of water to them. I also don't suggest working with these particular spirits if you ain't African. Lol, but really though. Also, if you black, you African btw :).
  3. Sit in a comfortable position, and grab the stone and connect to it by touching and inspecting it. Get familiar. Observe any small or big emotional shifts as you hold it.
  4. Call up the pain or grief you wish to heal from. It may be a memory, an emotion, or a physical sensation. In-vision this pain sitting around your heart like a brick wall or a heavy fog.
  5. Now, take 9 slow, deep breaths. DONT rush this! The heart chakra heals through the AIR element, so you want to in/exhale slowly and deeply, into the stomach, lungs and the heart. Let any tears or emotions come and go freely. Remember to keep your count! 1....2...3...4...
  6. On the 9th breath, exhale with a big, audible "ahhhhhh" sound, and imagine the fog melting away with your breath/see the wall around your heart break down and deteriorate. It's okay if it feels like you're imagining things for now. Your subconscious mind is integrating everything you're doing and will initiate the healing process.
  7. Hold the Rhodonite to your heart center and inhale 9 more times. Yup, 9. You dedicated, right?! As you inhale, in-vision that you're breathing in a soothing, pink light. Allow your inner chest area to feel soft and light.
  8. Thank your deity, higher guides, and ancestors for supporting you in your release.


Smudge yourself with sage or a cleansing herb, then wrap yourself in comfortable, white clothing.

Pay attention to your dreams, any synchronicities, emotional releases, and omens that come over the next few days. Keep the stone with you to continuously infuse your aura with the energy of release!