On the night before the Full Moon and Eclipse, during a time when 7 -- count em--  7 planets are in their retrograde positioning, someone asked me to make a not-conjure-specific (why, sway?) horoscope for this Astrologically vigorous time. In the vein of Mercury Retrograde and doing things I don’t normally do, I took a strangers random advice and decided to crank these out for y’all at 3:33 am.

Please excuse any typos and grammatical errors. It’s not Mercury. I’m just sleepy, and one foot is already in the dreamworld.

You’re going to need your Astrology chart for *these* horoscopes, because we’re taking a look into the houses of your zodiac chart. You can pull up a quick copy of your chart here: . Why not just go "by sign"? Well, I'm nuanced AF. I use the Houses for general horoscopes, because they give a more nuanced interpretation of your specific area of focus. So get cho' chart out!

Here’s how to find where Aquarius is in your chart, and what house this Aquarian Full Moon is going to land in for you.


Finding the House 

  1. Find where Aquarius is in your Astrology chart. The symbol looks like 2 stacked “M’s”.

  2. Locate the 4th Degree of Aquarius in your chart (read this for help)

  3. Once you find 4 degrees Aquarius, locate the house it's in (see examples below; Aquarius is marked peach and the house 4' Aquarius is in, is marked blue; Aquarius may rule any of the 12 houses for you --these are not the only options)




Full Moon in the 1st House: Authentic expression is the name of the game for you today, my love. Your greatest superpower this eclipse is the ability to be up-front and immediate with your needs. What do you honestly need, boo? It’s also okay to present a little “weird” today, too. Try, wear, date, watch, or eat some shit you never expected you would; there’s a reward in the concept of “just do it”, today. Do something to invigorate your blood and get the brain flowing, and you’ll see those benefits stretch over the next 6 months.

Full Moon in the 2nd House: Spirit is showing you that your community and your “chosen family” is your resource. Take a good look around you, and honor the fact there’s at least one “ride or die” in your circle that you can lean on for support. If you can, offer your money, skills, or dope talents provide some assistance to someone else today. Do it lovingly and watch your blessings return tenfold. Also, boo, you have the opportunity to pick up a new skill, or upgrade your current skill set in a particular arena. It’s gone end up being real bankable for you in the long run $!

Full Moon in the 3rd House: The world is your oyster today, if you’re open to learning and listening. Let the 3rd House Lunar environment feed your natural intellect and curiosity in ways that get you thinking differently. My elder used to say “the only dumb question is the question not asked”, and that’s extra true if this eclipse falls in your 3rd house. Ask questions, and seek answers. What would it look like if you dyed your hair yurple purple today? Who exactly IS that unknown number calling your phone? Read a chapter in a new book, or let your curiosity lead you down a breadcrumb trail into the wormhole of new perceptions. Give yourself freedom to roam.

Full Moon in the 4th House: The last time we had a Full Moon and Eclipse (in Aquarius), I was 2,300 miles from home, in someone else’s house with ten strangers, but feeling as comfortable as a kitty in a catnip-filled down comforter. Your home environment may feel or look a little different today, or may warrant a refreshing or reset. Family, kids, da house, (or even your own emotions) may seem unpredictable and cray as hell, but this, my dear, is what rejuvenation looks like. See if you can find comfort and freedom in the changes happening so close to you, and give yourself space to emote honestly and with dignity. Let the liberation nourish you.

Full Moon in the 5th house: “Damn, I didn’t know you could get down like that!” said the acquaintance who thought they knew but had no idea. The 5th House is about creative expression, joy, celebration, and indulgence in the things that make us smile inside, and this eclipse is bringing your circle closer into the fold of what makes you a stand-out individual. Spend time sharing more of you today; recognize the gifts that you feel make you unique and pour into yourself. If riding solo today, be your own best friend and enjoy the creative genius inside you and others. Have a deep conversation with some kids, if you have em’. That will help.

Full Moon in the 6th House: Well, it IS a Mercury retrograde season, so your regularly scheduled routine may be shaken up, but only for your own good. The daily tasks you do to keep yourself in order (work, health routines, planning) may go differently than usual, but like your 4th house friends, “different” is nourishing. The key to surfing the wave is to remain true to yourself. Do you need to pre-prepare your taxes today? Or can that wait until tomorrow (bae wants to go see that Whitney Houston movie, like yessaday). If your schedule’s good, expect a stroke of genius to sweep through you and improve your competency in a trade or skill. That’s something to be proud of.

Full Moon in the 7th house: With the Full moon in the house of 1-on-1 partnerships and marriages, expect your relationships to receive the spotlight today. As much as Aquarius is about looking into the bold future, it’s also very much about considering what can be changed “for the good of all” in the present. Balance out the roles in your relationships. Are you doing being all that you can be to see your partnerships thrive? How can you give more? How can they? Have an honest discussion (I’m not just talking romantic relationships; business partnerships and friendships are relevant here too). Single? Go mingle today. Really. Do it.

Full Moon in the 8th House: SHHH! If you’re quiet enough inside, you may hear the voices of your Ancestral spirits whispering instructions in your ear today. Lot’s of spiritual beings tend to get Hennessy-loose when there’s a Full Moon in the 8th, so keep a firm grasp on your intuition. “Stop actin’ like you don’t love that man and give him a kiss” says Great Grandma Rosalita. “You know you only ackin like that cause she need ta get ya’ ass some D” quips Auntie Funmilayo. “My Momma said you cry alone at night and use makeup to cover it up in the morning” retort’s the meme of baby Cardi B. DAMN, FAM! The deeper you can be intimate with yourself and trusted others, through release of pain, and raw emotional expression, you’ll be setting yourself up to shed snakeskins you ain’t eem’ knew you had for the rest of this year.

Full Moon in the 9th House: The heart lies where the mind wanders. What aspirations have been on your mind lately? Thinking outside of the box is going to get you far this eclipse AND Mercury retrograde season. Dreaming of a Jamaican vacay? Who can set up a travel plan for you? Considering going back and getting that M.D.? Put the pedal to the metal, Urkel! This moon comes and shifts us by reminding us of our long-held dreams and aspirations, and is sending a laser-ray of energy to help you jump start yours. “You stay daydreamin’ all day anyhow, why not follow the dream that will help you in your future?” (just...don’t go to Everest College though).

Full Moon in the 10th House: Somewhere, somehow, someone out there is waiting for you to say and be the thing that so many of us want to say and be. This moon gives you the opportunity to speak for a collective of like-minds, and show up as an exemplary leader for your people or chosen cause. If any career opportunities or changes meet you, take it as a SIGNAL BOOSTED sign of what your life purpose is; what you’re here to do on a grand scale, and what legacy you will leave behind for the masses.

Full Moon in the 11th House: Find ya lil’ tribe and kick it today (yes, ya can!). Being around communities of people with the same missions and values as you is sustaining. Whether online or IRL, make sure to reach out to your network and be in the mix. Give opinions, listen to testimonies, talk about the issues of the world in a solution-oriented way, and claim your specific role in being the change. Be willing to hear positive feedback and constructive criticism from your equals -- what you share from your heart today carries well over into the next eclipse.

Full Moon in the 12th House: You may not even really notice it, but your psychic feelers are tuning into the frequencies of the globe at an accelerated rate right now. Feelings may be extreme or nebulous at the eclipse, but it’s nothing a G like you can’t deal with. Just get a handle on your aura, take a spiritual bath or two, and get comfortable with taking up your own space (being alone) today. You and the spirits have some chatting to do, so create an environment that supports the fluid flow of energy; tears, laughs, milly-rocks, whatever may come.

Enjoy these cosmic blessings, Fam, and we'll chat soon.