8th House Conjure Oil (Attraction + Money + Psychic Power)

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8th House Conjure Oil (Attraction + Money + Psychic Power)

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For Sexworkers, Spiritworkers, Dommes/Dominatrixes, Sugarbabies, Conjurers, d-girls/boys/folks, and anyone looking to draw-in clients and generous benefactors and avoid law drama.

Also helps in court-cases, "exorcisms", and situations where you need to have the "upper hand" over a person, entity, or institution. It has been blessed and prayed over to attract Power, Money, and Good Sex. Attracts beneficial attention to you.

Better than that bland "Cleo May" stuff you'll find in the botanica with no juju or roots in it whatsoever.

Mother batch was created on the Solar Eclipse in Leo. Perfected during the Scorpio New Moon.

🦂CONTAINS: Roots, herbs, and zoological materials for domination, protection, magnetism, and big money. The Mother batch contains the blessed of my familiar animal spirits; the Snake & the Scorpion (not a “vegan” oil).

Smells Like: Ya' GrandMawMaw's sweet, pomegranatey dark secrets.

*Tried and Tested by numerous sources <3

NOTE: Please allow 7-14 days for shipment. These oils are personally handcrafted, roots are pestle + mortared, and ritually blessed before being poured, packed, and shipped.

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How to Use 8th House Oil:

Use on body, on petition papers, or on spending money (to bring it back to you x10). Speak into the bottle (with emotion) and tell it what & how much you want to attract...it contains Quartz and will hold/amplify the intention. Rake it up!

Lessons I Learned from Using Oil:

  1. This oil will attract attention to you.  Know how to turn it into money.
  2. Pay attention to the intentful glances/advances people make toward you while wearing. It's a lead.
  3. If you have an issue "accepting" gifts or help from others, this oil will make you learn today (this was MY lesson)
  4. Think BIG. This is not for attracting cheap tricks or collecting coins. THINK BIG.