#PumPumEggs For Growth + Clarity + Renewal

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#PumPumEggs For Growth + Clarity + Renewal

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Stones for growth, clarity and renewal:


#PumPumEggs...these bedazzling egg-shaped carved gems that many women are using to improve their sexual/womb health are now in the AfroMystic shop! See below for gemstone properties!

Get just one, two, or a set of three for a discounted price.

If you're a beginner and this is your first #PumPumEgg, I suggest scheduling a Yoni Egg Consultation session with me, so that we can discuss how to get THE MOST out of your egg work. I've been working with these sacred eggs for 6 years, and from experience, It's not just about "which" egg to get, the magic is in "how" you use it. Learn More Here


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(For a light heart and a heavy pocket)

Green Aventurine is the stone of LUCK and OPPORTUNITY, as it comes from the Italian word "ventura" ("by chance"). The vibration of the stone will put you in the emotional peace needed to make career advancements, boost finances, and attract a more prosperous lifestyle. It helps eliminate the heavy thoughts and feelings associated with feelings of poverty (aka that heavy "I'm broke as fuck" feeling). It vibrates at the frequency of a healthy Heart Chakra, and protects the heart from heaviness, depression, anxiety, and emotional-vampiric attack. It's energy is renewing and uplifting. 

 When wearing this stone, keep your eye open for synchronicities, and other "lucky" omens and opportunities! Great for job interviews and new business and relationship ventures. 

  • Brings lightness to the physical cells

  • Help heal dis-eases of the heart and emotions

  • Keywords: Prosperity, Glowing-Up, Earthly well-being, Good Luck, Ease


(for a soothing dose of self-love and comfort)

Rose Quartz is the stone of GENTILITY, PEACE, and INNOCENCE. It resets your emotional body and comforts your nervous system, so it's perfect if you're releasing old heartache about love, family, and relationships (which is an important process for our people). The vibrational frequency is soothing, comforting, and replenishing -- to me it's like the safe and soothing feeling of having a loving partner or grandparent always present to help you feel supported. It also works on the Heart Chakra, and replenishes love where love feels "lost" (which is why so many use it to attract healthy loving relationships!).

  • Helps speed the heart-break and heartache healing process

  • Contributes to feelings of being loved, being supported, being open to new love

  • Re-activates the joy and innocence you had as a child

  • Keywords: Self-love, Soothing, Inner Peace, "okay"-ness.


(for clarity, cleansing, and amplified intentions)

Clear Quartz is in our phones, our computers, and the world's smallest harddrives, because of it's ability to absorb, record, amplify, and then send out the energies put into it! It is incredibly efficient at absorbing information from light, thought, sound, and emotion, and re-emitting it into the enviroment. Clear quartz is the most programmable stone known to us thus far, and is perfect to use to charge your body with the positivity, light, and clear-headedness needed to access the higher levels inside yourself.

Use this stone if you're looking for an overall energy cleansing and a restart for yourself. Be careful what intentions you set with this egg and stone in general, because it WILL amplify your strongest thoughts and feelings; you will become an instant magnet to the vibes you put into it.

  • Cleanses ALL CHAKRAS and resets the Mental, Emotional, Physical (Auric), and Spiritual bodies.

  • Highly energetic and emits powerful purification energies

  • Can be easily programmed to amplify your magical or healing intentions

  • Keywords: Clarity, Cleansing, Refreshing, Purification, Magic.

**ALL of my eggs and stones are smudged with Sage and Frankincense and Reiki charged on Fridays. They are also either purchased from Black/African vendors, or found and crafted in the Motherland or Diaspora. #SupportBlackBusiness **