UNCROSSING Conjure Bath Kit


UNCROSSING Conjure Bath Kit

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100% Handmade with Black hands.
Every herb used has been powdered with my own pestle and mortar.

Formula ordained my Momma's Momma's Momma Clara via a dream.

Has someone "tried you"?

Do you think you have been the victim of spiritual or psychic attack?

Want to cleanse yourself or overall negativity (from others or yourself)?

Workers of traditional Hoodoo practices know, you can never have enough protection and immunity from sideways energy.

This powerful ritual bath kit uses the cleansing power of 13+ different herbs to cleanse yourself of suspicious energies.

Due to:

  • Someone working them roots on you/hexes
  • Being saturated in traumatized energy environments
  • A heavy or doubtful mental/emotional state/crossing your own self up

The FULL CONJURE KIT includes:

  • A ritually blessed white candle
  • Hand-ground herbal protection powder (for use in-ritual and on property)
  • Grandma Clara's Uncrossing Oil blend for use afterwards
  • A blessed Crystal for post-ritual purposes
  • Instructions (Ancestor-centered. You will be calling them for assistance.)

Order GRANDMA CLARA'S UNCROSSING OIL on it's own in the drop-down menu (scares off the "devil eye". Ask me about that story).

OR download just the KIT INSTRUCTIONS, which includes an e-mailed PDF with instructions for this ritual (make your own herbs/oils to use with it).

Blessed by my gulliest Ancestors & the 21st Psalms.


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