Mini Egg Necklaces (Back In Stock)

Yoni egg necklace pendant
Yoni egg necklace pendant
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Mini Egg Necklaces (Back In Stock)

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Cute little Yoni Egg Pendant talismans! Wear them along while you're wearing your #PumPumEggs for womb to heart connection!

See below for the list of stones and their properties!

Comes on a 24" long but dainty real 925 silver ball chain.

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  • Sodalite: communication, speaking up, claiming a voice within community.
  • Turquoise Howlite: calming, communicating with other dimensions, peace.
  • Red Jasper: warrior energy, strength of character, groundedness.
  • Carnelian: activation, sexual energy, passion.
  • Yellow Jasper: protection for travelers, self-esteem, self-love.
  • Green Aventurine: luck, opportunity, protection with open heart.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: negativity repellent, thought cleanser, warm, calming.
  • White Howlite: ancestor communication, nature wisdom, cleansing.
  • Rose Quartz: love, sweetness, emotional release.
  • Cherry Quartz (color therapy): sweetness, peace, gentility.
  • Chrysoprase Chalcedony: joy, upliftment, forgiveness.
  • Mahogany Obsidian: grounding, root clearing, releasing creative blocks.
  • Dalmation Jasper: compassionate logic, mental peace, smooth thinking.
  • Opalite (color therapy): gentility, crown chakra healing, creativity. 
  • Unakite: emotional balance, peace of heart, physical healing.
  • Ruby with Zoisite: psychic ability, trauma healing, high energy.
  • Gold Sandstone (color therapy): self-esteem, standing out, protection.
  • Grey Agate: life stabilization, groundedness, settling down.
  • Blue Sandstone (color therapy): meditation, astral travel, reflection.
  • Tigers Eye: strength, fortitude, optimism, determination.