HYPERSTHENE (for Anxiety, ADHD, PTSS/PTSD, Bi-Polar)

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HYPERSTHENE (for Anxiety, ADHD, PTSS/PTSD, Bi-Polar)

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Hypersthene is a beautiful, iridescent black and silvery stone that many people these days could use --but they don't know about.

Hypersthene is a "dispeller" crystal that has a big reputation for helping to restore the delicate chemical balance of the brain. Perfect for sensitives and empaths.

If your moods have been all over the place and you need something to feel centered again, this stone will provide the vibration of balance and smoothness to relax your nerves. 

Now If you're recovering from diagnosed mental disorders or serious trauma, this stone along with LEPIDOLITE are the crystal medicine talismans to hold the intention for your complete healing.

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  • Balances your Dopamine, Oxtyocin, Seratonin, and Endorphin levels: aka the "happy" chemicals in the brain
  • Works to help alleviate symptoms of PTSD, PTSS, ADHD, BI-POLAR, DEPRESSION, and ANXIETY (by balancing brain chemicals
  • Promotes a tranquil, restful, comfortable sleep
  • Builds fortification against emotional triggers

So many people around the world have been diagnosed with psychological disorders, that stem directly from the abusive system of oppression, patriarchy, and the illusion of white supremacy (yep; chances are if you're depressed or emotionally imbalanced WOC, your "blues" has it's roots in this f*cked up society. You need to know this).

Fear, anxiety, PTSD, Bi-Polar, Insomnia, Schitzophrenia, and Hyperactivity are some of the feelings/diagnoses that can come along with being targeted in multiple ways on a daily basis. IT. IS. F*CKING. DRAINING.

So when I came across Hypersthene at a critical point of my own emotional trauma story, I wanted to test the power of the stone. I needed it. I did a small ritual to charge up 4 of these shiny, iridescent black stones, and put them in my bed to help me sleep better and balance my brain chemistry.

I woke up the next day, sho' nuff feeling refreshed, renewed, as I had the best sleep I had had in a WHILE. I also remembered my dreams that night, and was shown some CLEAR messages about how to better protect myself from externally inflicted emotional damage (I had asked for a dream in my hypersthene ritual).

Use this stone if you need some assistance keeping your thoughts focused, your mind clear, and your emotions smooth and tranquil.