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Stones for Shadow Work, Truth, Cord Cutting, and Protection:


Obsidian cuts cords, protects your aura, and brings your shadow side forth for the purpose of healing and self-awareness. They help connect to the Fire and Earth elements within. See below for a detailed description!

#PumPumEggs...these bedazzling egg-shaped carved gems that many women are using to improve their sexual/womb health are now in the AfroMystic shop! See below for gemstone properties! 

If you're a beginner and this is your first #PumPumEgg, I suggest scheduling a Yoni Egg Consultation session with me, so that we can discuss how to get THE MOST out of your egg work. I've been working with these sacred eggs for 6 years, and from experience, It's not just about "which" egg to get, the healing is in "how" you use it. Learn More Here

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(To eliminate negative thinking)

Like all Obsidians, Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful medicine during times of transition or unsureness. It helps to keep you grounded and on your feet, and offers a boost of extra help in breaking-through grief, loss, separation, or transition.

What makes Snowflake Obsidian different, is that it contributes a softer, more soothing and peaceful energy. It encourages a gentle inner-reflection, making us aware of any patterns of negativity that should be changed. 

Snowflake Obsidian was the first stone that I personally wore and noticed an immediate change my thought process. Whenever my mind would float off into a negative thinking loop and begin to affect my emotions, I could feel a gentle re-grounding of my brain -- almost immediately. The thought that was causing pain was softly brought back down into my Root, and neutralized, without any conscious participation on my part. It was DOPE.

This stone is aligned with the vibration of the Root chakra, as it's literally formed within the bottomest vessels of the earth -- the Volcano.

(for cutting cords and letting ALL THE SHIT go)

We hurt, we cry, we lose. Sometimes we grapple with the immeasurable darkness inside of us; and sometimes the demons are manifested in other people. Sometimes we find ourselves at the end of our ropes with nothing to do, but try and FIGHT through it, somehow.

That's when the Warrior instinct is needed. Black Obsidian is the stone of the Warrior for Change; bringing a powerfully potent manifestational energy to the situation. Used as weapons in ancient times, Obsidian is a powerful tool for protection from harm and cutting cords with the past so that you can recover.

Obsidian shows you your shadow side, and gives you the sword to "cut itttt". It's also been known to help you see the truth about your power, and offer you the power to stand in your truth in situations of difficulty.

  • Clears old energies to bring in new ones

  • Can be used in Spiritual work invoking: Oya, Shango, Yaawda, Eshu, Ghede, Anpu (Anubis), Kali, "pluto", "mars".

  • Assists in Letting go of old jobs, relationships, friends, loved ones who have passed.

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