Chunky Quartz Pieces (pre-charged)

Clear Quartz Points Big
Clear Quartz Points Big
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Chunky Quartz Pieces (pre-charged)


Here are some imperfect, chunky, pre-charged Clear Quartz pieces for you!

They have been ceremonially charged by the spirit of Mama Ocean on the Pacific Coast, with the vibrations and intention of Ancestral awareness, DNA repair, and MELANIN ACTIVATION, my mellies!

They range from 2-5.5", and come raw and unpolished. Some are points, and some are thick pieces from the trunk. They're nice and chunky, and I'll intuitively choose the piece that desires to be with you.

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(for clarity, cleansing, and amplified intentions)

Clear Quartz is in our phones, our computers, and the world's smallest harddrives, because of it's ability to absorb, record, amplify, and then send out the energies put into it! It is incredibly efficient at absorbing information from light, thought, sound, and emotion, and re-emitting it into the enviroment. Clear quartz is the most programmable stone known to us thus far, and is perfect to use to charge your body with the positivity, light, and clear-headedness needed to access the higher levels inside yourself.

Use this stone if you're looking for an overall energy cleansing and a restart for yourself. Be careful what intentions you set with it, because it WILL amplify your strongest thoughts and feelings; you will become an instant magnet to the vibes you put into it.

  • Cleanses ALL "CHAKRAS" and resets the Mental, Emotional, Physical (Auric), and Spiritual bodies.

  • Highly energetic and emits powerful purification energies

  • Can be easily programmed to amplify your magical or healing intentions

  • Keywords: Clarity, Cleansing, Refreshing, Purification, Magic.

  • Use in almost any working to amplify intention

**ALL of my eggs and stones are smudged with Sage and Frankincense and Reiki charged on Fridays. They are also either purchased from Black/African vendors, or found and crafted in the Motherland or Diaspora. #SupportBlackBusiness **