"Sankofa" is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that means "Go back and get it". All topics and classes taught via the Sankofa School are in dedication to the Ancestors waiting for us to reclaim their wisdom-filled traditions for use today. 









  • crystal medicine

  • Conjure & Ritual-Crafting*

After lots requests via facebook messages, IG, and email, I decided to create something that will help us reconnect to the basic pillars of our ancestral practices.

The SANKOFA SPIRIT SCHOOL consists of one-on-one sessions with me, that will help jump-start & cultivate your unique spiritual practice, from an African conjurer's perspective.

Our sessions will be tailored to the disciplines you want to learn, fam. You get to choose! If you're a beginner to these disciplines, I've got curriculum + information + further reading ready to help. Intermediate and advanced seekers will deepen your expertise on any of these subjects and/or learn to integrate them with your current practice (i.e. how to properly utilize Tarot, Crystals, etc to upgrade your spiritual work).

These are tutoring sessions, not oracle readings, but I've been known to pull up a few cards or your Astrology chart to help discover how to teach you in a way that resonates with your learning style!

INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS: 60 Minutes In Person or via Phone, Hangout, or Skype.
PACKAGE SESSIONS (4 or 8): 75 Minutes In Person or via Phone, Hangout, or Skype.


single session

This option is for one 60 minute tutoring session, in the subject of your choice: Intuitive Development,
Tarot, Astrology, Rituals + Conjure.


4 sessions

This option is for 4 solid tutoring sessions. This option allows you to go deeply into one or more of the aforementioned topics.


8 sessions

8 full  sessions! I recommend this option for those committed to deepening their metaphysical knowledge and/or practices.





Who told you that you had no sight? Who told you that you couldn't see? Only the western world could have, as African tradition has always validated and made space for the FACT of "psychic" phenomena. Reclaim your right to see past the haze into the clarifying truth of your own self and future.

In the introductory session, we will use exercises and divination (and/or your astrology chart) to discover what your intuitive strength is. Are you a Seer? Do spirits "talk" with you audibly? Discovering your dominant gift is the first step to cultivating it consciously for divination, ritual, ancestral communication, etc.

Over the scope of 8 sessions, you will recover you ability to see, hear, feel, and perceive "extra-sensory" information from the non-physical realm. There will be exercises, live one-on-one meditations, "psychic games", dreamwork, and real-world intuitive practicum to elevate your inner eye.

Disclaimer: These sessions involve serious meditation and a dedication to the practice of being in altered states of consciousness (and maybe even a lil' GIN or WINE) if you don't meditate, this session will break you through that bad habit --if you are committed to working on it. 



I bet you ain't know about the African 👏 origins 👏 of 👏 the 👏 Tarot 👏, did ya? Chiiiiile, I didn't know either until I did the research. Per history, African people have been using cards and marked leaves as divination tools for a very long time (yep, Black people in Africa and the Diaspora). Get clarity on what Tarot is, and what it isn't. Learn new tarot spreads, ask questions, get answers, make life clearer for ya'self. You betta throw them cards, boo.

The introductory Tarot Divination session will establish a basic understanding of why divination works, the untold history of Tarot, and a sel-reading on how to dedicate your Tarot practice to the ancestors who can support you in your work.

Over 4 sessions, you will learn the meaning and application of each Tarot card, reading reversals, and a live-reading practicum with me.

Over 8 Sessions, you will learn the meaning/application of each Tarot card, a live reading practicum, how to safely & accurately read tarot for others, and how to establish a thriving Tarot business.



Play no games, pull no punches -- learn the meaning behind the planets, signs, and houses in a way that actually makes sense. For real. Let's throw away all those basic-ass joke assumptions about signs and really get into the science of the FIRST psychology to ever exist. This is NATAL astrology, so we'll learn how to read the components of birth charts. If you don't know what that is, then you may wanna book a natal chart sesson with Ya' Girl to get the gist.


Yeah, they pretty, but they magic too.

Learn how to use crystals as talismans, charms, and as medicines from a Hoodoo standpoint. Learn which crystals to use for which issues, and learn how to EFFECTIVELY cleanse and charge crystals for spiritual and ritual use, beyond decoration. Incorporates information about color and crystal-shape to help you choose wisely.

Conjure & Ritual-crafting* ("juju 101 for #BLACKWITCHES")

Someone has called this class "Juju 101 for Black Witches"...and that makes sense! Learn the basics and fundamentals of crafting rituals and conjuring for you.

My perspective is integrative, with influences from multiple spiritual systems and traditions from Africa and around the diaspora. Hoodoo (Conjure, Working the Root) is the tradition of my Grandmother's land, yet Voudon, Ifa, Obeah, Lukumi, Umbanda, Candomble, Medu Neter, Akan Akom, Ubungoma, etc. are all different systems that also contain the same necessary common threads, core concepts, and key functions that serve the spritual health of your lovely melanated self.
And if you're black, and are decolonizing your spirit practice, you should know something about some or all of these traditions. The ritual workings we discuss or build will be coming from those common core concepts. 

*Please note that I will only discuss African Spiritual systems, processes, or beliefs to people of African descent. That's just how it is.